Details Make the Difference When Redesigning a Suburban Home


Suburban homes often tend to look similar; they often have white walls and white ceilings with no real personality or unique architecture. Giving the house some personality is ultimately left up to the homeowner. If you want your interior design to be a little less bland then you should invest in some of the smaller details. Paying attention to little things … [Read more...]

How Your Ceilings Can Change the Whole Look of Your Room


Many homeowners focus on almost every aspect of their interior design when trying to create a unique and inviting home – with the exception of the ceilings, which often go ignored. However, by investing in a custom ceiling design, you can change the aesthetic of the entire room. Craftsman Dining Room via Houzz Most ceilings are just blank. There’s … [Read more...]

Adding Wood Elements to Your Home is Trending for Spring Updates


Are you looking to invest in a few home improvements that will help spruce up your home’s look for the spring? If so, you’re not alone: according to data collected on the matter, one in three homeowners will begin at least one remodeling project in the first half of this year. So why not spruce up your home design with some wood elements, such as custom … [Read more...]

Ways to Arrange Your Books on a Built-in Shelf


If you’ve invested in a few custom bookcases, then don’t just randomly fill them up with books and call it a day. Take some time to organize your books so that they are not only easy to find, but also so that they look good on your shelves as well. The following are just a few ways that you can arrange your books: By classification – Arrange your … [Read more...]

Keep Your Built-in Bookshelves Sparse for a Beautiful Design


Custom built-in bookcases are a great addition to any interior design. However, a mistake that many homeowners make is that they think that their bookcases are solely meant as a way to store their books and other items. This often leads to built-in custom bookcases being packed to the edges, causing a cluttered look. The following are a few tips for a more … [Read more...]

Cozy Up a Bedroom With the Addition of Wainscoting


The bedroom is meant to be a space where you can relax and wind down. This means that creating a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom should be the key to its interior design. One of the ways that you can do this is by adding custom wainscoting. Create a light and breezy atmosphere in the bedroom by using a creamy white wainscoting on the bottom third … [Read more...]

Give Your Home the Look of a Romantic Seaside Cottage


Have you ever spend hours looking through a magazine, searched on Pinterest or lost time looking at Houzz for home design ideas? If you have you may have come across seaside cottages that ooze romantic appeal. Beach Style Bathroom via Houzz If you are wondering what you can do to give your own home the seaside cottage look, you may want to incorporate a … [Read more...]

Tips for Choosing Great Color Combinations in Your Home


With so many paint colors out there a trip to the paint or hardware store can feel more like a trip to the madhouse. However, choosing the right color combinations for your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task that takes weeks or months. You can do it quickly and love the results if you use these tips from Wainscot Solutions to help. Pick a simple … [Read more...]