Add Sophistication and Glamor with Black Interiors

When you think of having a home with dark interiors, automatically some people think dark and lifeless, but black interiors can in fact be an elegant and sophisticated color to use in your home. Black interiors can be quite glamorous in your home as well, and as a backdrop, it can make other colors pop in your room with drama and style. You may have wanted to try painting a room black but as soon as you told a friend, they talked you out of it. Well as a style challenge to yourself one day, try painting that dining room or bedroom black and see what a difference it makes. Quite frankly, you might be surprised how much you and other people like it.

Have a look at these elegant and glamorous rooms with black interiors. With the right amount of color and the right sense of style, you can really make a room come alive.

Photo credit

Photo credit Laura Moss

This room designed by Suzanna Wanicka of Ridgefield, Connecticut features beautiful black walls with wainscoting by Wainscot Solutions.

So what do you think about black interiors now?

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