Very Cool Secret Rooms and Passageways

Every child dreams of a finding a secret room or passageway carefully hidden behind a panel or bookshelf. Apparently some adults fulfill this fantasy by incorporating secret rooms into their own homes.We like to speculate about what might be hidden behind the secret door but the fact is they usually serve a practical purpose. Most of these secret doors are a smart way of incorporating an entrance into a room without breaking up a panel or book shelf with a pesky door. This is especially true when a room has wainscoting, custom bookcases or hand painted murals.


What is behind this beautiful turquoise paneling?

This powder room is hidden our of sight thanks to a door that fits in seamlessly with the paneled walls.

An antique brass door knob gives away the hidden door camouflaged by this beautiful Trompe L’oeil painting and wainscoting.

A pantry door is unobtrusive thanks to a door-front that mimics the kitchen cabinetry.

All images via Pinterest

What could be more fun than having a hidden room in your home?

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